Is 86FB/86W A Genuine Company Or A Fraud?

Is 86FB and 86W legit or are they scam?

Although it is called an investment platform, the 86FB which is known to be a reverse football staking gambling website is a Ponzi scam. A complete scam.

The ponzi scam company 86fb, 86z, and 86w are all run by the same group of people. If you come across another website with a similar template or manner of operation, be aware that it is also a ponzi scheme. There is no need to check anything else.

86FB’s owner is unknown

This propaganda against Chinese and Americans is not owned by, it is owned by a Nigerian named ALOZIE CHIDIEBUBE CHIMUANYA. The company is based in Lagos, not Manchester, as previously assumed. The IFC is unaware of the company’s existence. It will pay at first, but it will eventually fail. Please do not spend your entire life resources in order to avoid MMM and CHINMARK’s experiences. Don’t be greedy; just risk what you can afford to lose.

Why does 86FB appear to be a Ponzi Scheme?

Although 86FB purports to be based in the United Kingdom, research has revealed that it was created in Nigeria by Nigerians in order to defraud their fellow countrymen.

Although 86FB claims to be a regulated betting company, a thorough investigation revealed that this is a hoax.

86FB proudly displays a CAC certificate issued on February 9th, 2022, claiming to have been in operation since 2015 and 2011.

The CAC certificate is completely meaningless; 86FB need a betting regulatory license, which is the only thing that will save it from collapsing. Consider Racksterli, MBA, and other Ponzi schemes.

IFC does not insure the company as they claim, and there’s a lot more to discover.

Contrary to their claims, 86FB was created in November 2021.

This company’s CEO and management team remain unidentified.

Their UK base’s location is fictitious.

86W is a complete and total rip-off. It employs a strategy that is much worse than MMM’s.

Pose the following questions to yourself:

What sources do they use to generate the 3% profit margin? Of course, by enlisting the help of new people to join and deposit, and then using their funds to compensate those who joined earlier.

Why do they only choose games with the smallest profit margin? Of course, they must maintain control over how your accounts develop.

Why do they stress the importance of compounding? Of course, they’re doing everything they can to keep you from withdrawing your money so that it can sit there until they’re ready to wreck the system.

Nigerians, do not fall prey to the 86W scammers; it will only be a matter of days or weeks before the website is shut down and your monies are lost.

Has the 86FB Football Ponzi Scheme already failed? Is the 86FB Football Ponzi Investment program still active?

86FB Football is now experiencing financial difficulties. Every business, believe it or not, has one goal: to make money. When a website experiences withdrawal troubles, the first thought that comes to mind for every member is how to withdraw as soon as possible.

If the administrators are able to resolve the issue, everyone will begin making withdrawals, with only a few returning deposits.

When the administrators see this, they can’t bear being at a loss, so they pull the plug, and the website crashes.

I’ve been warning people for about a month that this is a Ponzi scam, but due to transient perks, everyone seems to be fine.

They were even disputed by IFC on Twitter.

For every ten people who survive the collapse of a ponzi scheme, 100 more are stuck. For every 100 people who manage to flee, 1000 more get entrapped.

You don’t want to make the same financial mistakes again. Whoever knows the way should be followed. And, based on my limited online experience, I can detect ponzi schemes from a mile away.