Jesse Lingard‘s custom-made watch was taken without his permission from the changing area while playing on the pitch.

Britain footballer, Jesse Lingard’s tweaked watch designed by Swiss creator Richard Mille was taken from West Ham’s changing area during a game.

The hoodlum struck while he was playing against Everton on the ninth of May this year.

Jesse Lingard’s customized watch stolen from the dressing room while playing on the pitch

His current club West Ham said that they have no clue about how a criminal sneaked into the vigorously monitored changing area during a game and in spite of all endeavors by players and staff to look through the room on May 9, the watch wasn’t found.

Lingard has an assortment of costly watches and the one taken is uniquely modeled by Swiss designer Richard Mille.

Rooms at the West Ham’s Stadium are simply available to players and senior authorities and are continually observed by CCTV and furthermore watched by security, so the case is a maze by the police.

A source said:

“Jesse was devastated, but nobody can believe it.

“It’s completely unheard of for something to be stolen from inside the players’ dressing rooms during a game.

“Security at the stadium is top class. There are staff guarding the tunnel and all those areas — as well as CCTV all over the place.

“Of course everyone has searched high and low but it appears it has definitely been taken, and there was no option but to call in the police.

“Everyone is gutted for him, he loved that watch and thought it would be safe.

“It goes without saying Premier League footballers are well paid, and many of them have expensive items including clothing and ­jewellery.

“But it would just never occur to anyone that it could be taken from there. It’s a real shock.”