Kanye West supposedly spent a monstrous $13.2 million on his failed Presidential offer – including $12m of his own cash.

The rapper declared a year ago that he’d be authoritatively running for President of the United States, and if these new figures are correct, he spent around $200 on each vote he got.

The 43-year-old, whose spouse Kim Kardashian sought legal separation a week ago, had a difficult time in the race for the White House by neglecting to enlist in numerous States on schedule.

What’s more? His convention caused similarly a very unprecedented cerebral pain when he came out with a line of dubious remarks.

Presently, People reports that the entire campaign cost an eye-watering measure of cash.

The publication says that as per his last Federal Election Commission report, Kanye contributed nearly $12.5m of his own cash, while raising somewhat more than $2m from outside commitments to subsidize his Presidential offer.

He seldom ended up meeting all requirements for the polling form and procuring just around 66,000 votes from individuals across the whole country.

Kanye broadcasted his proposal on July 4, a year ago.