Khloe Kardashian was pummeled for utilizing emoticons of a person of color rather than a white lady in a new tweet

She experienced harsh criticism for utilizing emoticons that portray a person of color.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 36, tweeted a line of the lady doing a face palm emoticons recently.

Yet, rather than utilizing the emoticon that coordinated her own skin tone as a white lady, she utilized one addressing an individual of color.

Furthermore, she was then hit by a colossal reaction on Twitter, with numerous clients reminding her “you are white” and advising her to utilize a more fitting emoticon.

One tweeted similar emoticons however utilizing a white lady rather as though to address her.

“[Collective black disapproval],” another Twitter user posted.

A third said: “White people gotta stop using lightskin emojis just because of a tan.”

“Who’s gonna tell Khloe tho…” another wrote.

The backfire comes after Khloe was commended for posting an unedited photograph.

She acted in her swimsuit like she gladly flaunted the stretch blemishes on her thighs.

“I love my stripes,” she captioned online

Her fans said they were “so pleased and proud” of her for posting a snap that hadn’t been altered.