Kim Jong Un Orders Hungering North Koreans To Eat Limited Food Until 2025

North Korean ruler has instructed its citizens that they must expect to eat limiteder food until the country re-opens its border with China in 2025.

Food scarcity are already affecting North Koreans, but citizens were told to tighten their belts for at least another three years by officials, according to RFA.

Nonetheless, people have already complained that shortages would make it difficult to see themselves through the winter, let alone many years.

North Korea closed its border with China in January 2020 as a precautionary measure against the spread of coronavirus.

But the move had a very serious impact on the nation’s economy – with prices of everyday goods rising fast as demand outstripped supply.

Speaking about the new government recommendations, a resident of the city Sinuiju, who wished to remain anonymous, said that people have been warned that the chances of re-opening the border with China before 2025 were slim.

They added: ‘The food situation right now is already clearly an emergency, and the people are struggling with shortages. When the authorities tell them that they need to conserve and consume less food until 2025… they can do nothing but feel great despair.’