A Brazilian lady, Cristina D’Avila Teixeira Rodrigues, shot dead her ex since he would not pay her for breast augmentation.

She supposedly given herself to police in the city of Manaus on March 8, three days subsequent to carrying out the supposed wrongdoing.

The victim possessed a web establishment organization, where he met Christina, and police report say he was lethally shot on Friday evening, March 5 with a .380 type gun.

He was then hurried to clinic, however kicked the bucket on Sunday, March 7.

She said:

“From what we saw, she was just with him out of self-interest. She liked to show off, but she never posted anything about him.

“It seems he discovered something serious about her and they broke up.”

As per Roberta, the suspect went to the casualty’s home and said she needed to address him.

Hours after the fact, his family was told he had been shot.

She showed up with a legal counselor at the Specialized Homicide Police and Kidnappings (DEHS) on Monday, March 8, yet guaranteed the shooting was unplanned