A lady who went gaga for her own wedding DJ has hitched him subsequent to saying her first spouse left her inclination troubled and disregarded.

Megan Willis who is 27 years of age, trusted in 51-year-old Mark Stone about her marriage self-destructing and the pair before long began talking each day.

At the point when Megan petitioned for legal separation, she says Mark upheld her consistently it was settled in January 2018, she moved to North Carolina in the US.

What’s more, after eight months, when Mark’s separation was additionally concluded, he moved to join her.

Megan says she initially questioned their relationship from the outset, In view of their 23-year age differences yet these worries before long, vanished.

As per the couple, their families acknowledged their relationship and were satisfied they had discovered bliss together.

“My marriage ended because I was not fully happy and not getting what I needed out of it. My ex was addicted to a video game that basically became his life and I was basically non-existent.

“He didn’t want to spend time with me, didn’t want to go out and explore. He counted hanging out as me watching tv and him playing his game with headphones on in the same room. I realised that I shouldn’t have to feel non-existent or beg for someone’s attention, so I filed for divorce.”

Megan and Mark say they have caught outsiders murmuring regarding their relationship when they are out openly.

Be that as it may, they pledge to never shroud their affection, and need to energize other couples who are also faced with age gap issues not to conceal away.