Lagos Police Misplaces Gun After S*xual Intercourse With His Girlfriend Throughout The Night Inside His Office

Lagos Police Misplaces Gun After S*xual Intercourse With His Girlfriend Throughout The Night Inside His Office

Lagos DPO Loses His Official Gun After Allegedly Having S*X Over Night With His Lover Inside His Office

Jennifer Madueke, a young lady from West Africa, Nigeria has been captured by the Lagos State Police Command over a missing gun; a weapon under the maintenance, supervision and usage of the Denton Divisional Police Officer, CSP Adegoke Akinlade.

According to reports, it was gathered that Madueke ran away with the pistol and N50,000 when she visited the DPO who was her ex-partner in his office in Ebute Meta, Lagos State.

As per an account by PUNCH, the woman, Madueke and Akinlade were once in a romantic affair and then had a split after the cop was posted to a new location out of his current city, Lagos about seven years ago.

He was as of late moved back to Lagos and when they met once more, the DPO who is married recommended that they proceed with their relationship.

Akinlade welcomed Madueke to his office and putativey slept with her till Saturday morning.

As indicated by a source;

That was the point at which the DPO, who was hitched, suggested that they proceed with the relationship. On Friday, August 27, he welcomed the woman to his office and laid down with her till Saturday morning. He released her to move around 5am and even followed her leave for the bus station.

They didn’t see each other again until last Saturday, September 4, when he welcomed the young lady and said to her they ought to go out.

In any case, when she went to see him, he detained her and blamed her for taking his official gun. Keeping her in his cell till Monday, September 6. While the young lady was in the cell, he asked his young men to torment her to make confess.

“On that Monday, he took her to an herbalist on Jebba Street, Ebute Meta, around 8am. The herbalist told him that it was the girl that took the pistol, but she denied the allegation. It was from there he took her to the SCIID, Yaba, where she has been detained till now”.

The DPO who confirmed losing his pistol insisted it was taken by Madueke, he however denied sleeping with her in his office.

“She was my sweetheart in 2011, however we separated. Around one and half months prior, while I was around the Stadium region, she came to welcome me and that was the way she knew where I was working and she began coming. At the point when her coming didn’t support me, I advised her not to come back once more.

On that Friday, I was at a club with one of my friends. It was there my sweetheart came to meet me. Then, at that point this lady came later. I never realized that she had a plan. I sent her away and said I was occupied.

The other woman with me disclosed to me that she was going to Bariga. She additionally came, yet said she was unable to get a vehicle to her home that evening since it was late. I then left them (the two women) in the workplace and went out on a night watch.

It was then I figured that I needed to return and wake them. At the point when I returned, I gave her N4,000 naira transport fare to go.

When two people are in my office? I didn’t sleep with her. I left them there. Obscure to me, she had gone to pick a bag behind my seat. It was the point at which she left that I realized that my gun was absent with N50,000. I didn’t care about the cash, however I began calling her, and she didn’t pick the calls. She likewise blocked me on WhatsApp.

We went to prayer houses and consulted alfas, me and the other young lady, yet we didn’t find her. I didn’t see her for one week. I paid people who followed her,” PUNCH cited him saying.