Man Caught Red-handed After Harming His Friend's Coca-Cola Drink (Video)

Man caught after poisoning his friend’s Coca-Cola Drink (Video)

A man harmed his friend’s Coca-Cola while he went to pee in the restroom. Unbeknownst to him, someone noticed it and told the fortunate person not drink from it. The man was then approached to drink from the similar beverage he had harmed, he declined and now is asking for forgiveness.

The video has earned such countless responses online as somebody remarked:

You can envision the degree of trust he had for the insidious soul of a friend. God should please separate me from fake friends I believe that will hurt me.

Another likewise composed:

Certain individuals kick the bucket because of their lighthearted attitude. Whenever i am drinking with friends in the public, i never utilize a glass to drink, after tasting from the jug I generally cover it back with the cover. Never you pass on a half beverage to go pee and return to drink it again. Trust nobody, even in case it’s your blood brother. Poisons are cheap these days, as low as N50 naira.

A young fellow likewise wrote down his resentment:

For what reason will he request forgiveness or absolution? He merit no forgiveness.

If I were his friend, I will first release a few punches on him that will definitely land him at Igbobi medical clinic.”

We just have to be careful with the people we call friends. And before you leave, always make sure to carry your drinks with you. However if you feel you want to drop the drink on the table before using the lavatory, it is best you threw the drink away for one’s safety. Nobody is trusted these days.