Angelo Quinto passed on after police kneeled on his neck for just about five minutes, his broken and unhappy family reported.

The 30 year old man had been experiencing despondency and distrustfulness when his sister, Isabella Collins called police to the family’s California home dreading he would hurt their mom.

Before police showed up to the scene, Isabella said their mom had been holding Mr Quinto to her chest for various minutes, guaranteeing he had just begun to mellow down.

Be that as it may, the family asserted that when two officials from the Antioch Police Department showed up to the scene, they put forth no attempt to comprehend the circumstance.

All things considered, the family claim the officials quickly snatched Naval veteran Mr Quinto from his mom’s arms before he passed out and was taken to a neighborhood emergency clinic on December 23.

He was declared dead three days after, legal advisors addressing the family who recorded an unfair passing case on February 18 announced.

His mom Maria Quinto-Collins said her child was laying on the floor and not moving before officials turned him over and dragged his body out.

She asserted his face was grisly and says officials utilized a “George Floyd” method of restriction as they set their knee on his neck.

Legal advisor for the Quinto-Collins family, John L. Burris, claimed a comparative technique for restriction prompted the illegal demise of Mr Quinto.

Mr Burris said: “These Antioch police officers had already handcuffed Angelo but did not stop their assault on the young man and inexplicably began using the ‘George Floyd’ technique of placing a knee on the back and side of his neck, ignoring Mr. Quinto pleas of ‘please don’t kill me.”

Isabella Collins said she won’t ever ‘not feel awful’ for calling police on her sibling, yet said she accepted their appearance would help de-heighten the circumstance.

Mr Quinto’s true reason for death is as yet unverified and the occurrence is under scrutiny by the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s office.