Laurie Idahosa, minister at the Church of God Mission International, has hammered Nollywood veteran, Pete Edochie for saying his mom wedded at 15 years old.

In a new meeting, Edochie uncovered that his dad who was very nearly 40, hitched his mom at 15 years old.

Nonetheless, this has set off various responses from individuals. Some on the side of the veteran entertainer, while others suspect something.

Ms. Idahosa who has been provoked by his remark has tweeted her assessment on the said matter.

While responding to Edochie’s remark, Idahosa had demanded that the entertainer’s mom was not modest rather she was a survivor of assault and kid marriage.

“How can he laugh about her being “shy?” Oga, she was not shy. She was a victim of rape and was a child bride. She wasn’t respectful of his age, she was afraid for her life. Know the difference and adjust this story… start telling the truth!” she tweeted.

In a fresh interview that the nollywood TV favourite posted online recently, the septugenarian has urged women to think creatively of ways to prevent their spouses from unfaithfulness. One of which is placing a parcel of condom in their spouses’ pocket.

This isn’t the first time Chief Edochie will be making a controvertible utterance in conjugal matters.

Recollect 2020 when he set the online media circle burning after he struck intensely at men who go on bended knees to propose to their fiancee.

As demonstrated by him, it is a misguided move in the Igbo custom.