Pastor turned stripper: “Sex work made me a better mum than church upbringing”


Nikole Mitchell, a congregation minister turned stripper says her new position has given her fundamental abilities that have made her a superior parent.

As per her, the livelihood change is giving her kids a much better beginning in life than they would have had on the off chance that she stayed strict.

Addressing the Holly Randall Unfiltered web recording, Mitchell says she and her youngsters unreservedly talk about sex, assent, bodies and what’s privilege and not.

“[We have] All kinds of conversations and equipping them with tools that I was never equipped with as a kid growing up,” she said.

“It is now so important to me now as a mum to teach my kids these things so they have these skills for a life time, for dating, relationships, for their working environment for who they become, whatever they end up doing these are life skills everyone needs.

“I would say my work has prepared me and helped me with that better than anything else in my life.”

Nikole admitted she “had a lot of fear” leaving religion, as she worried her kids would “go mad” at her for missing out on the “community” of the church.

“Are they going to feel ashamed of me, are they going to be mad at me for embarrassing them with the internet content, all the fears that you can think of, I have thought about them a million times more than any other person?”

In any case, having seen others be pornography stars and have kids, she talked with the pornstars and from it was the correct move for her

Now I am where I am, I feel that not only my sense of sexuality but the sex work I do is so much healthier than this sex mindset that I grew up with in the church,” she said.

“So I think that the most toxicity you can have about sexuality, sex, bodies, can come from the kind of church that I came from and I remember looking at the big picture and thinking I’m giving my kids a much better gift.”

Presently the previous minister procures around £70,000.