Rihanna has an igbo descent

Rihanna has an igbo descent

Popular American megastar, singer and brand influencer Robyn Rihanna Fenty has uncovered she is originally an Igbo woman.

Rihanna reveals she's igbo

Rihanna reveals she’s igbo

The Barbadian musician, actress, fashion designer, was of recent officially confirmed a billionaire and officially one of the most prosperous female musicians in the world.

Rihanna says she's igbo

Rihanna becomes a billionaire

Rihanna’s Net worth

The billionaire’s star’s net worth is estimated at $1.7 billion while still earning almost $1.4 billion from her beauty cosmetics line.

Rihanna’s other wealth and fortune comes from her lingerie company, which is worth another $270 million while not ignoring her branded earrings.

Rihanna is an igbo woman

Rihanna is worth a billion dollars

The billionaire star in a recent interview expressed that her mother disclosed her real origin to her as she pointed out she is primarily an Igbo woman. A tribe in West Africa, Nigeria.

She said: “My mom told me that I am originally an Igbo woman. Igbo is a tribe in Africa.”

Rihanna's mum told her she's igbo

Rihanna’s mum told her she’s igbo in an interview


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