A gang boss who got away from jail has been shot dead and 400 prisoners stayed on the loose.

Arnel Joseph got away from prison amidst an uproar that endured 24 hours in the edges of the capital Port-au-Prince.

On Thursday, the infamous pack leader had broken out of jail alongside others on February 25 – regardless the fierce jail break left 25 individuals dead, including the jail chief.

Secretary of Communication Frantz Exantus talked about the mass break and said:

“Twenty-five people died including six prisoners and Divisional Inspector Paul Hector Joseph who was in charge of the prison.

“Among those killed were some ordinary citizens who were killed by the prisoners during their escape.”

By Friday morning, 1,125 of the 1,542 detainees at the Croix-des-Bouquets prison were in their cells, reports France24.

Joseph was gunned down 75 miles north of the jail at a police check point.

“Arnel Joseph was killed while attacking a police patrol which had stopped the motorcycle he was on. The police responded and Arnel Joseph is dead,” Exantus said.

Joseph was at first captured and condemned to six years in jail in 2011, he left in May 2017.

Additionally in 2011, he was sentenced for the homicide of a few police officers.

Cops offered a $27,000 prize for details prompting his capture in 2019 after he was blamed for illegal intimidation in Port-au-Prince.