A Nigerian man, has been apprehended in Norwich, Connecticut regarding a worldwide telephone fraudulent crime association.

34-year-old Dexter Enwerem of 29 Ward St., Norwich, was accused of first-degree burglary and is being held in lieu of a $50,000 bond, as indicated by a Norwich Police Department news discharge Wednesday, March 24.

Police started exploring a protest in September 2020 from somebody who said their kid mother by marriage sent cash to obscure people to serve ‘helping the destitute.

The casualty sent gift vouchers to suspects adding up to $13,500 and a $18,000 cash request to a suspicious young man believed to be a Norwich occupant Dexter Enwerem.

After a careful examination by Detective Scott Meikle, it was resolved Enwerem was partaker in a Nigerian telephone deceptive corrupt organization.