Nigerian woman, Intissar Bashir Kurfi utilized sachet water usually known as pure water nylons to make interlocking tiles. And now, commendations and awards are spilling in for her by cyber citizens via the internet. Accurate Gist reports.

The 29-year-old author of Ifrique Design, said she employs students in picking the waste and rewards them with sun powered light for late evening reading.

In a meeting with BBC Pidgin, Intissar said she gathers plastic scraps and refines them into blocks that could last more than traditional ones.

Nigerian lady uses ‘pure water’ sachets to make strong interlocking tiles

For one of her accomplishments, the youthful business visionary made 1,250 bits of interlocking blocks from 625,000 pure water sachets.

Intissar, an alum of Ahmadu Bello University, chosen to utilize waste to make interlocking tiles in light of the risk of plastic waste in the public arena.

She said that her desire is to clear Nigeria out of plastic, particularly Abuja and furthermore to see that these items are being utilized for making streets that don’t have potholes to develop buildings where people can live, building institutes, building public latrines out of these plastic garbages that we have.

“My wish is to rid Nigeria out of plastic and especially Abuja and also to see that our product is being used for making roads that don’t have potholes and building houses, building schools, building public toilets out of these plastic wastes that we have.”