US President Donald Trump has asked for no military-style red carpet sendoff as he exits the White House on Wednesday.

There will also not be a group of supporters congregated together at either the White House, the Joint Base Andrews or his final destination, the Palm Beach International Airport.

Based on what was said by popular US Television Channel CNN, the Pentagon has declined his requests on the basis of public safety.

The celebration of Joe Biden’s inauguration will also take place in closed doors because of the violent uprising perpetrated by Trump’s followers at the Capitol on January 6, who believe the disproven claims that Biden stole the election through an unprecedented nationwide conspiracy of voter fraud.

More than 20,000 National Guard troops will go the rounds to monitor the movement in Washington D.C. and the FBI is tracking threats of violence.

Trump still has not relinquished election defeat. He is leaving the seat embittered and doesn’t want to partake in any of the traditional hand-off rituals that incumbents do when they welcome in, newly-elected Presidents one of which is leaving a farewell letter of advice to the new president or having a one-on-one conversation with them.