The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC says it isn’t obligatory for Nigerians to have account in the midst of the rising spate of bank cheats and insider wrongdoings in the financial area.

Not all Nigerians need bank accounts – EFCC



The EFCC additionally kicked against opening financial account with just telephone numbers, contending that almost 40% of Americans don’t have accounts.

Bawa Usman, zonal head of the EFCC in Sokoto offered the expression on Tuesday at a roundtable with some officials of commercial banks.

He said; “Nearly 40 per cent of Americans do not have accounts. So, it is not very compulsory for everybody in Nigeria to have a bank account.”

According to Usman, whose zone covers Sokoto, Kebbi, and Zamfara, insiders work with most monetary cheats in the financial business.

The commission met the gathering to reinforce the relationship and coordinated efforts between the EFCC and the banks in handling fake account.

The EFCC supervisor further said the banks regularly baffled the EFCC’s examinations as they postponed answering to its letters.

Such delays jeopardise our investigation. Financial institutions must collaborate with us toward curtailing money laundering, illegal financing, and other illicit flows of money.

“The meeting is a response to the directive of the EFCC leadership. It is one of numerous strategies toward fighting all manners of corruption.

“The commission strives to ensure that fraudsters do not get away with proceeds of crimes undetected. To achieve this, we are appealing to all banks to facilitate a better working relationship with the anti-graft agency,” he explained