Residents in a luxury New York City apartment have been sued by the proprietor of the structure for transforming it into a maskless dance club where they charged $100 a ticket. Accurate Gist reports.

The claim was documented on Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court against the occupants, and gathering hosts, Kurt David and Jean Elbaum-David, and looks for a finish to the week after week gatherings and more than $10,000 in damages.

The owner of 81 Hudson St. documented the suit after New York City Sheriff’s Office delegates assaulted David’s gatherings twice as of late – finding around 120 exposed partygoers drinking and smoking weed last Friday, the New York Daily News reported.

Appointees tracked down a 17-year-old kid that was so ‘obviously inebriated’ he tumbled down a stairway and was taken by doctors to a nearby clinic.

Kurt David, 30, was accused of unlawfully managing youngsters and offering liquor to an individual younger than 21, as per the Daily News.

He additionally faces a a conceivable $15,000 fine for a charge of failure to secure wellbeing and security, just as abusing crisis orders.

Delegates likewise captured two DJs, a barkeep and a man working the gathering were additionally charged, the power source revealed.

In the suit, the building owner alleges that Kurt David ”has become a chronic and persistent nuisance and that parties have caused a severe disturbance to last into the early hours of the morning’ as often as twice a week.”

David’s gatherings hosted an authority get-together advertiser and pulled in such countless individuals that they have recruited bouncers to work the entryway and charge more than $100 per ticket, as per the suit.

As per the claim, the gathering promotor is Shkelzen Dreshaj, one of the men refered to and fined during an assault on February 28.