Osama bin Laden’s craftsman child says he has accorded forgiveness to his dread boss dad interestingly and loves watching American westerns.

Omar bin Laden, 40, has likewise painted the mountains where the Al-Qaeda organizer shrouded following the 9/11 Twin Towers assault.

Osama’s fourth child said craftsmanship causes him remember “the straightforwardness of youth” before his dad turned into the world’s most wanted man.

He told Vice: “I want the world to learn that I have grown; that I am comfortable within myself for the first time in my life; that the past is the past and one must learn to live with what has gone by.

“One must forgive if not forget, so that one may be at peace with one’s emotions.”

In May 1996 Bin Laden left for the Tora Bora mountains in Afghanistan, picking Omar alone to go with him, and set up fear instructional courses.

He turned into his dad’s tea kid, living in freezing hovels and on small apportions prior to leaving a very long time before the 9/11 abomination which he has censured.

Omar, who is said to have up to 25 siblings through his dad, has now painted the mountain scene while living in Normandy, France, with his British spouse.

Omar, who experienced childhood in Saudi Arabia and has never been to the US, added he adored American westerns and that the movie “Unforgiven” which starred Clint Eastwood was one of his top choices.

Omar actually experiences PTSD, bipolar turmoil and the mental scars of his childhood.

His dad, Osama bin Laden was murdered in Pakistan by US Navy Seals in 2011.