Pinky Oreoluwa, a Nigerian online media comedienne and actress, has opened up on her first date experience with a man.

Speaking with Inside Nollywood the entertainer uncovered that she laid down with the man and that it was for sure a thrilling time for her.

“I’ve had sex on a first date. At first, I felt like I didn’t want to do it. But at the end of the day, it was fun because two mature minds were involved. Yes, I had sex on a first date and it was pure fun,” the comic confessed.

Speaking further, Oreoluwa noted that there is no big deal using sex toy to get maximum sexual satisfaction.

“For me, there is no big deal in using sex toys. I have a dildo, I have a vibrator; I have lots of sex toys. Sex toys are very good; they make you feel good, more so if your boyfriend isn’t around or he isn’t satisfying you and you don’t want to cheat on him. I have it and I can’t dispute using it,” she said.

Inquired as to whether she gets underhanded solicitations from male fans, Oreoluwa reacted: “At times I get truly irate. A few group will go to my DM and request that I show them exposedsed, promising to give me N100,000. Somebody even offered me an outing to Dubai only for him to have s*x with me. All things considered, I simply disregard such messages.”