French President Emmanuel Macron held up an umbrella for Slovakia’s PM, Igor Matovic, when the sprinkle of the rain began during their joint proclamation.

Macron held the umbrella for around three minutes until the finish of the news preparation, and as the two chiefs strolled up the Elysee ventures, after which Matovic took it and gave it over to a guide

In a video located by AccurateGist, a helper is seen attempting to mitigate Macron of the umbrella yet he declined and kept holding it over the Slovak chief.

A female associate came out and gave the French chief a dark umbrella. Macron took it and held it over his Slovakian visitor.

A second female assistant showed up and offered to hold the umbrella for Macron. He signaled to her that there was no need

At the point when the two men got done with addressing the media, and went to stroll back up the means into the Elysee Palace, a military associate drew closer and offered to take Macron’s umbrella. Macron disregarded him, and continued holding it over Matovic.

Another female associate at that point returned and again offered to take the umbrella, yet Macron again forgot about her.