Queen Elizabeth II: The Queen's Final Official Photograph Has Been Released

In the recently revealed portrait, the Queen beams at the camera (Picture: PA)

The Queen is depicted in an unseen portrait beaming with happiness, according to Buckingham Palace.

The picture of the monarch, who was at home in Windsor Castle when it was taken in May ahead of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, shows her beaming brilliantly.

Thank you ma’am: Queen’s last official portrait released ahead of her funeral

Queen Elizabeth II: The Queen's Final Official Photograph Has Been Released

On the eve of the late monarch’s state funeral, a portrait of the woman has been made public. She is wearing a dusky dove blue dress and has her hair neatly curled.

The Queen is shown wearing her favorite aquamarine and diamond clip brooches, a three-strand pearl necklace, and pearl earrings. Her father, George VI, gave her the brooches for her 18th birthday in 1944.

Boucheron created the two art deco-inspired earrings, which are worn one underneath the other and are constructed of aquamarine, baguette, oval, and round diamonds.

Both during her Diamond Jubilee broadcast speech in 2012 and when she addressed the country on the 75th anniversary of VE Day in 2020, the Queen wore the brooches.

Ranald Mackechnie, a photographer, also captured the Queen’s jubilee portrait, which was issued to coincide with the start of the country’s celebrations of her historic 70-year reign.

Just three months before she passed away, the Queen joined the nation in celebrating her Platinum Jubilee.

Earlier this evening, the Queen Consort paid tribute to her mother-in-law on television, recalling the Queen’s “beautiful blue eyes” and said, “I will always remember her smile.”

As she paid tribute to the Queen 17 years later, Camilla recounted how she utilized her “wonderful sense of humor” to make her feel at ease on the day of her wedding.

A mishap with the closet caused by shoes almost descended into anarchy.

“I remember leaving here, Clarence House, to travel to Windsor on the day of my wedding when I was probably not operating at full capacity, quite nervous, and for some reason, I put on a pair of shoes,” Camilla recalled. “One had an inch heel, and one had a two-inch heel.” I mean, talk about a hop-a-long, and I had no control over it. She could see it, laughed about it, and said, “Look, I’m terribly sorry,” and she did, you know, she had a good sense of humor. I was halfway down in the car before I realized it.