Remember the 35-year-old Russian lifestyle blogger, Marina Balmasheva who divorced her 45-year-old husband Alexey Shavyrin, and got pregnant for her 21-year-old stepson, Vladimir Shavyrin? READ HERE 

Oh well, she has now given birth to his baby.

Marina assisted in raising up her former step son who is currently her husband right from when he was age 7.

The Russian blogger took to social media to announce the birth of his baby, as well as posting some photos of her daughter but disclosed that Vladimir Shavyrin, had instructed her not to show the girl’s face yet.

The baby girl who was giving birth to, in a hospital ward at Krasnodar, by weight measure, a bit over 8lbs.

“Dad does not want to show our daughter yet,” she revealed. “That’s why the view is only from the back.”
“We are thinking about the name,” she added.

Marina Balmasheva the weight loss influencer, likes to call her new husband “the most charming blue-eyes in the world” but also uncovered to netizens that she was a “complete mess” after her baby delivery last weekend, which came after her waters broke as she was glued to the popular movie series, Game of Thrones.

Her ex-husband previously accused her of seducing his son after he came home on holiday from the university.

Accurate Gist is yet to get enough details on whether they are still on speaking terms. But when we do, be sure to get that from us. First hand.