A nefarious football law breaker who was once left deformed after a police horse kicked him in the face, has been shot dead before his little girl. Accurate Gist reveals.

Martin van de Pol, 56, also known as Polletje, was shot dead in Amsterdam in the Netherlands while he was getting his seven-year-old youngster in what is accepted to be a gangland strike.

As Pol and his little girl left the school, the Ajax football club enthusiast was shot on different occasions and kicked the bucket at the scene.

As indicated by the authority police report, the suspect is a light-earthy colored cleaned matured male between 20-25 wearing dull garments.

The shooter ran away from the area straightforwardly after the shooting.

Pol regularly got his girl simultaneously during the week and police speculate that the shooter utilized this info superbly to plan the killing.

Police report that the executioner sat tight for Pol by the school the day preceding the shooting on March, however that day Pol broke with his daily schedule and didn’t get his little girl which constrained the executioner to defer the assault by a day.

Pol is a significantly powerful figure inside the Ajax football club firm known as “F-side” where he earned fame subsequent to being kicked in the face by a police horse, hopelessly harming his face

“F-side” offered their tribute to their former member and supporter in a tweet which read:

“Today we received the news that Martin van de Pol was shot dead in Amsterdam-Zuid Oost.’ Polletje’ was a very influential member within the hardcore side of Ajax supporters and had been part of the F-side since the 1980s.”

The F-side was established in 1976 and has been linked to authorities with a wide scope of crime including drug dealings, revolting, arson and even homicide.

The shooter stays on the run and the investigation proceeds.