Following statements made by Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp, that

Manchester United are partially favoured by the referees as far as granting spot kicks is concerned, Manchester United boss, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, has reacted to such comment as he says such statement might be to influence referees’ judgments.
Klopp after his side were defeated 1-0 to Southampton in the Premier League two days ago was left with great anger as he complained that his side’s awful experience of not being conferred any penalty kick despite having two fouls that could have led to spot kicks committed by the hosts.

After the match, Klopp in his post match press conference said he couldn’t comprehend how Premier League opponents Manchester United could have had more penalties in their favorr within the last two years than what Liverpool have had since he took over.

Statistics show that Liverpool have been given 30 penalties since October 2015 while Manchester United on the other hand have won themselves 32 penalties since the start of 2018/2019 season.

The Man United’s boss in his reply to Klopp’s staement said the Liverpool manager might be bringing up this claim to manipulate referees’ future rulings as he cited what ensued when Lampard made a synonymous claim last season.

The Norwegian said Man United had a clear penalty that was supposed to be awarded to them when they faced Chelsea in the FA cup semi finals last season but was not, indicating that Lampard’s claim before the match had clambered anxiety on the referee.

Solskjaer explained that this might be the motive other managers are trying to capitalize on but he nonetheless noted that he wasn’t concerned. He added that when a player is fouled in the box, it is the rule of football that a spot kick should be awarded.

In reaction, the United boss who will be locking horn later tonight with Manchester City in the Carabao cup in what is to be a derby match, said he would not spend his time calculating penalties that have been awarded for or against them.