Spanish monsters, FC Barcelona have been named the best club of the last decade by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS). Accurate Gist reports.

Barça were positioned with 2,877 points with rival Real Madrid second on 2,782 with German goliaths Bayern Munich finishing the main three with a point count of 2,594.5.

“FC Barcelona won the CLUB WORLD RANKINGS of the First Decade (2001-2010) and furthermore of the subsequent Decade (2011-2020),” the IFFHS said in an explanation.

Established in 1899, FC Barcelona have won five UEFA Champions League titles, three FIFA Club World Cups, five UEFA Super Cup prizes, and 26 Spanish La Liga competitions.

Prior to thinking of these rankings, IFFHS normally considers the quantity of points guaranteed by a group in homegrown rivalries, just as their exhibitions in the European rivalries.

See top 10 best club of decade

1. Barcelona – 2,877 pts

2. Real Madrid – 2,782 pts

3. Bayern Munich – 2,594 pts

4. PSG – 2,357 pts

5. Atletico Madrid – 2,302 pts

6. Juventus – 2,272 pts

8. Chelsea – 2,113 pts

8. Manchester City – 2,113 pts

10. Manchester United – 2,020 pts