You’re not the sexiest man in the world to me,” Steve Harvey quipped when asked for his take on daughter Lori Harvey’s budding romance with Michael B. Jordan.

As the daughter of American actor and comedian  Lori Harvey‘s relationship with Micheal B. Jordan  continues to heat up the internet, Steve Harvey was asked to give his own opinion on their very public displays of affection.

I still got my eye on him,” the talk show host quipped on IHearrRadio’s The Steve Harvey MorningShow. “I mean I like I him, but like I say to all of them, ‘I might like you. I might approve of you, but I’ve got a thumb-sized section of my heart filled with nothing but pure hatred for you.’ Just in case I need it.”

The show how host “Steve” thinks the actor is a “nice guy,” then adding, “But I got this little section where all I gotta do is a click a switch and I’d hate your ass.”

“You’re not the sexiest man in the world to me. Let’s be clear about that,” he teased, referencing Michael’s People Magazine tittle.  

The Black Panther star, 33, was first correlated to Lori, 24, in November when they celebrated thanksgiving  in her Atlanta hometown. The notoriously private A-lister has been anything but since Lori caught his eye. We know Michael calls the model “turtle” while she considers him her “nugget.”