A naked lady who was safeguarded from a tempest channel in Florida told police she had been trapped for 20 days subsequent to choosing to find a passage when she took a dip in a waterway.

Firemen pulled 43-year-old Lyndsey Kennedy out of the eight-foot-profound channel under a walkway in Delray Beach on Tuesday after a passerby heard weeps for help.

Kennedy later told police that she had been caught in the sewer framework since March 3, when she took a dip in a channel close to her boyfriend’s home, as per a police report.

She clarified that she’d recognized a passage in the channel and went to look at it before rapidly acknowledging she was lost.

She said she had been strolling around the sewer framework for around three weeks before she saw some light in the tempest channel and settled there on the grounds that she could see individuals strolling over her.

Kennedy’s mom purportedly told agents that her little girl had a background marked by psychological instability and medication use.

She additionally expressed that Kennedy has a past filled with doing odd things and settling on terrible choices when she is high on drugs,’ the report expressed

It’s uncertain whether agents have affirmed Kennedy’s story yet they said that she had been accounted for missing by to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office on March 3.

Delray Beach Police representative Ted White on Tuesday said the underlying examination gave no indications of injustice.

‘It doesn’t feel like she was taken without wanting to. It seems this was finished willingly,’ he said.

Delray Beach Fire and Rescue posted photographs of firemen lifting Kennedy out of the channel utilizing a bridle and stepping stool.

The photographs showed Kennedy, who was generally covered by white sheets because of her absence of apparel, was messy, had leaves in her hair and was too powerless to even consider holding up.

She was taken to Delray Medical Center for therapy of minor cuts and wounds.

Kennedy likewise went through a psychological wellness assessment after her mom informed police concerning her set of experiences of dysfunctional behavior.

The police report – which portrayed Kennedy as ‘extremely clear’ when she was found – said she was not taken into defensive guardianship since she didn’t meet the rules under Florida’s Baker Act.

The report additionally expressed that Kennedy is a methadone patient and had her keep going portion on March 2, the day preceding she disappeared. Methadone is a remedy narcotic used to get dependence heroin and other opiate painkillers.