Teacher Allegedly Abuses a 3-year-old Pupil (Photos)

Teacher Reportedly Brutalizes a 3-year-old Pupil (Photos)

A teacher who is identified as Mrs Taiwo has been called out via social media for purportedly mistreating her 3-year-old pupil.

In the photographs shared via online media, stick marks were noticeable on the kid’s legs.

Twitter client @nwaadaigbo1, who shared photographs of the toddler’s swollen calves, composed;

See what a teacher did to a 3years old child. I feel like crying right now. Please, her mum has reported to the headmistress but nothing has been done. What do you advise her to do?

She likewise shared photographs of the medications the parents needed to buy to treat the injuries.

Teacher Allegedly Abuses a 3-year-old Pupil (Photos)