The Captain Armband Cristiano Ronaldo Threw To The Ground Raises Money For Serbian Child

Cristiano Ronaldo tossed his captain’s armband to the ground in bitterness at the unfair judgement made by the referee who was to award a goal for his shot that had clearly crossed the line against Serbia, leaving Portugal with a point rather than three points.

However, the Portuguese skipper’s snapshot of irritation could turn out being a lifesaver moment, given that the armband was spotted and is presently being utilized to fund-raise for a wiped out youngster in Serbia.

An employee in the stadium picked up the captain armband from the floor gave it to a children organization, looking for financial aids for a six-month-old Serbian youngster with spinal muscular atrophy.

The kid needs 2.5 million euros for his medication and surgery, and the kids’ cause has put the armband available to be bought.

Serbian paper Telegraf has announced that, in the first few hours of it going up for auction, it had effectively become a nationwide record with respect to sporting gear and it seems reaching at the necessary figure won’t be an issue.