The Okada Ban Is a New Revenue Stream For The Nigerian Police

Okada Ban: Another Money Making Avenue For Police

Although the issue of the Okada prohibition in Lagos State is not new, there are several key issues that we must consider.

Nigerians, particularly those in Lagos, are accustomed to using this mode of transportation. This is due to their ability to quickly negotiate traffic and arrive on time or ahead of schedule.

The Lagos State government has issued a transportation regulation prohibiting Okada from using the state’s major highways and select routes. Has the implementation, on the other hand, been successful? No, that is not the case.

You may still witness okada riders on the roadways going about their business without fear of being stopped by police or enforcement personnel.

To make matters worse, they’re even using BRT lanes in some areas of the state. They’re having a field day after allegedly bribing the cops and other traffic cops.

So, despite the presence of a regulation prohibiting them from operating on such routes, there’s no need to be concerned about their high degree of confidence.

However, many people have wondered if the issue of robbery has been remedied as a result of the gradual implementation of the prohibition. Yes, it is correct.

After the assassination of a young guy in Lekki by several okada riders over a N100 change, the situation grew more serious.

Many people have also inquired about the alternate modes of transportation supplied by the state government to Okada.

Lag Ride is a new initiative by the Lagos State government

Meanwhile, the Lagos State administration has introduced Lag Ride, an alternate mode of transportation.

People in the state continue to encounter traffic problems, thus the state administration has come up with several efforts to help alleviate the problems.

Since the canals are also operational, many people will be encouraged to use this mode of transportation while they wait for the train system to begin.

But, have all of these been thoroughly investigated? These are unanswered questions.

How the police stormed Ilupeju to load hundreds of motorcycles

Ilupeju is one of Lagos State’s most serene communities, with almost little crime in recent years.

This can be attributed to the citizens’ high degree of cooperation and good environmental monitoring.

The police should be applauded for their routine procession about town as part of their duties, but locals have done more to keep the peace and order.

However, the members of the Nigerian Police Task Force have regarded the recent ban on okada in six local governments in Lagos State as a method of generating money.