African American, Dustin Higgs will be killed today, Friday January 15 in the United States for an offense he perpetrated in 1996, which is about 25 years ago. With just limited days left of Donald Trump’s government, we have seen some executions in the past week and the one of Dustin Higgs will be the final one for his administration.

Trump leadership has carried out a few number of national executions after ending an informal 17 year abeyance on capital punishment and today, Dustin Higgs has been recorded to be killed by the United State government after he has spent over 20 years in penitentiary.

Dustin Higgs was found guilty of 15 counts for the first grade killing and abduction of three whites women, who were Mishann Chinn, Tamika Black and Tanji Jackson in 1996. It was recorded that the casualties were shot after making merry with Higgs and two of his friends, Victor Gloria and Willis Haynes at his quarters a night before they were murdered. Yet, there is still no evidence to prove that Dustin Higgs murdered any of them, but he was sentenced for overseeing the act which led to the end of three white ladies.

One of the lady (Jackson) who was allegedly killed by Dustin Higgs was reported to have had a problem with him and she made a threat to Higgs which provoked Higgs, led him and his men to follow the lady and tempted her and other ladies into the van. Higgs handed a pistol to Haynes and instructed him to kill the women.

Haynes who is an accomplice, admitted guilt to killing the women in a statement he gave to the FBI and he was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, while Higgs was sentenced to a death penalty. Dustin Higgs lawyer appealed his death sentence last month, stating that Maryland State revoked the death penalty in 2013, but this appeal was never successful.

My earnest prayer is that may his soul find eternal rest and may God forgive him of everything he did and grant him eternal life in his paradise.