Three brothers from Uganda have surprised residents in Teresia woods (in Chepterwai town, Nandi district) after they purportedly slept with a cow until it kicked the bucket.

Kimaiyo Kiyos, the veritable proprietor of the dead creature, expressed that when he stirred toward the beginning of the day, he found that his cow had disappeared.

Three brothers arrested for forcefully sleeping with cow till it died

He and a gathering of neighbors looked for the cow, and amazingly, they found it 500 meters from his property.

The deceased animal’s reproductive organs were seriously hemorrhaging, indicating that they had been interfered with.

The neighbors were shocked when they discovered that their kids were the culprits. Individuals from the local area found one of the three suspects.

They believe that drug usage is the true cause of their bad behavior, and are encouraging the security team to crack down on the unlawful brew production that is hurting their children

The other two suspects were obtained when the casualty of the incident revealed the event to the police headquarters, as indicated by the aftereffects of an exhaustive hunt.

The three were then moved to an alternate police headquarters, where they will be held until their case is heard on Monday.