Tom Cruise fans were left absolutely shocked after a progression of “deepfake” recordings were delivered that seem to include the star.

The TikTok videos – which include the phony ‘Cruise’ playing golf and playing out an enchantment stunt – have circulated around the web thus far, been seen more than 11 million times on the stage.

In the recording, deepfake innovation has been utilized to make the figure look and sound precisely like the Mission Impossible entertainer.

The figure completes a progression of exercises, for example, a footage where he works on playing golf.

One of the three videos likewise includes the fake Tom Cruise looking and snickering at the camera prior to proceeding to finish a vanishing stunt.

“I’m gonna show you some magic… It’s the real thing,” the figure says while holding a coin.

He at that point makes it vanish, adding obscurely: “It’s all the real thing.”

Shared in a profile called ‘deeptomcruise’ the TikTok user has so far amassed 370,000 followers for the three recordings.

While it is muddled who is behind the making of the recordings, numerous watchers have effectively communicated worry about the advances of the deepfake innovation.

One watcher penned: “This went from being cool to starting to scare me,” penned one viewer.

“Someone be using Tom Cruise Polyjuice potion,” added a second.

A third expressed: “This Tom Cruise deep fake is scary good. The future will be strange.”

Deepfake recordings are AI-created counterfeit video clips and have really been around for very a few years.

Be that as it may, as innovation keeps on progressing as does the capacities of deepfake projects, for example, the one used to create the fake Tom Cruise.

Previously, different figures that have been formed into deepfake videos include a fake ‘Jon Snow’, who apologized for the completion of Game of Thrones.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has likewise been at the focal point of a deepfake video in which the phony character gloated about controlling ‘billions of people’s stolen information.’

Up until now, Tom Cruise is yet to remark on the new popular videos.