Bill and Cath Mullarkey upheld those deprived as the Covid pandemic delayed into winter and presented a scrumptious dished dependent on a Caribbean curry from Cath’s local St Lucia

A Lotto-winning couple who scooped a £1m big stake have helped feed many destitute and weak individuals during the lockdown.

Bill and Cath Mullarkey, from Coventry, chosen to help those deprived as the coronavirus pandemic delayed into the colder time of year.

The prepared culinary specialists planned a dish for a helpful organization dependent on a Caribbean curry from Cath’s local St Lucia.

They at that point worked with a cook from Langar Aid to make the curry and purchased the fixings, dishes, beverages and tidbits to be passed out.

Bill and Cath concocted the thought subsequent to seeing Langar Aid volunteers giving out food to abandoned drivers in Kent before Christmas.

The couple, who handled their Euromillions bonanza in 2017, said it made them need to “do their touch” for those less lucky.

Bill, 60, said: “I was inspired and wanted to help them look after homeless people in Coventry.

“Ordinarily Cath and I would have gone into the kitchens and cooked everything.

“But working with the chef was the best way of still making a difference while minimising contact.

“As Cath is from St Lucia we went for a Caribbean curry – a vegetable and coconut curry with a side order of rice and peas plus drinks.

“We also handed over lots of chocolate bars as treats.”

Warwick University Chef Jim Eaves, who volunteers at Langar Aid, cooked and pressed the scrumptious curries.

The food was then given to destitute and weak individuals outside Langar Aid’s Coventry HQ a weekend ago.

“He and the other volunteers give up their spare time and stand out in all weathers. I am in awe of the work they do.

“That’s why Bill and I wanted to also give something to the volunteers as well to say thank you.”

Avtar Kaur, Project Manager at Langar Aid said, “Thank you Bill and Cath.

“It was great to see so many people enjoy their Caribbean curry on Saturday night.

“It was the first time we’ve had a Caribbean dish and it went down very well with lots of positive comments.

“The service members were very grateful, and we hope to see Bill and Cath soon.”

The couple recently concocted a full Caribbean themed Christmas feast for 100 beneficiaries in 2019.