Update on the ASUU strike for today, July 2022

ASUU Strike News Update Today July 2022

Today’s ASUU Strike News Update – Read the most recent news regarding the Academic Staff Union of Universities’ strike, as well as the call-off date (ASUU). According to news as of 8th, a meeting between federal government officials and ASUU executives resulted in nothing.

As you are already aware, the FG has not complied with the requests of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, which is the reason why universities are currently on strike (ASUU). ASUU has met multiple times with the Federal Government and the Minister of Education without any results.

Since we will be providing daily updates on the ASUU strike, what they have settled, and the call-off date when it is eventually announced, ASUU News is the focus on this today’s post.

Today’s ASUU Strike News Update

Regular updates about the ASUU Strike will be provided on this website. We intend to present a wide range of news and discussion issues on the ongoing ASUU strike. Since the recent meeting with the Federal Government did not go smoothly, the Academic Staff Union of Universities has further proclaimed a second month of strike action.
Nigerian students enrolled in Federal Universities are quite dissatisfied with this situation, hence we sincerely hope that ASUU calls for a strike.

They virtually always check ASUU Strike News to stay informed about the status of their academic endeavors.
Do your part by studying and picking up new skills outside of the four walls of a classroom, even as we do our part by giving you ASUU Strike News Updates.
According to reliable news sources, ASUU is prepared to call off the strike provided that the Federal Government starts to meet their demands. The ASUU Strike, according to ASUU news for today, July 2022, has not yet been called off.

What Time Will ASUU End Their Strike?

The ASUU will end its strike on July 20, 2022. The next time they will meet with FG will be next month due to the strike’s current extension.
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ASUU Today’s Latest News

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has resolved to keep striking until they reach a settlement with the Federal Government, according to the most recent information about the ASUU strike.
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