Viral Chicken Republic Dancers’ Manager Announces A Separation

Manager of Viral Chicken Republic dancers, announces split

The manager of the former restaurant security guards who be became a viral sensation because of the way they excited customers with their dancing steps but were later sacked for the same purpose at Chicken Chicken Republic Happie Boys has declared that his contract with the group is coming to an end.

The manager announced that he would no longer be handling the lads’ social media profiles and that he was splitting up with them.

According to reports, the Happie boys’ manager is the same person who shot the famous video of the Happie lads dancing at their prior workplace before they were fired.

He flew to Port Harcourt with the Happie lads to meet with Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere, who awarded all three of them scholarships to travel abroad.

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He recently disclosed in a live video on their account that he is splitting up with them because they regularly mistreat him.

He stated in the video that he is not playing a joke and that he will no longer be handling their account.