Vladmir Putin Constrained Into Being Quarantined After Covid Attack In Kremlin

Putin forced into self-isolation after Covid outbreak in Kremlin

As seen above, Russian President Vladimir Putin warmly greets Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad during a gathering at the Kremlin on Monday

Vladimir Putin is isolating after a Covid outbreak at the Kremlin.

The completely vaccinated Russian President, who has tested negative himself, was supposed to be ‘totally healthy’ by authorities.

He had a ‘long’ meeting with the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad on Monday, when they shook hands at the Kremlin.

However, questions are currently twirling concerning whether Mr Putin realized that he may have to isolate – and on the off chance that he went to various occasions notwithstanding.

The Russian chief accepted his second dose of the Sputnik V antibody in April.

Kremlin representative Dmitry Peskov said Mr Putin would hole up subsequent to coming into contact with a positive case, however didn’t explain how long the quarantine would last.

The meeting with the Syrian tyrant was one of a few occasions the Russian President joined in.

President Putin went to different occasions on Monday

During a meeting with Russian Paralympians, he even referenced that he ‘may have to quarantine soon’, as indicated by nearby reports.

‘Even in my circle, problems occur with this Covid,’ Mr Putin was cited by the state RIA Novosti news organization as saying.

‘We need to look into what’s really happening there. I think I may have to quarantine soon myself. A lot of people around (me) are sick.’

Affirming that the President would keep working as usual, Mr Peskov answered ‘without a doubt, yes’ when inquired as to whether Mr Putin had tested negative.

Putin isolated for covid 19 in Kremlin

The representative didn’t affirm who among Putin’s inward circle was infected, saying just that there were a few cases.

Inquired as to why President Putin continued with public occasions on Monday, despite the fact that he definitely realized that there were Covid cases around him, Mr Peskov said that the choice to self-isolate was made after ‘doctors completed their testing, their procedures.’

Syrian state TV described the meeting as a long one and said the two chiefs were later joined by Syria’s foreign ministers and Russia’s defence minister to examine common relations, combatting psychological warfare, fighting terrorism and taking control of rebel-held regions in Syria.

Mr Putin additionally attended military exercises conducted in a joint effort with Belarus.