A picture of a kid surfaces on Facebook that explains what a true father can pass through to save his child.

The image has ignited some responses on social media, as the snapshots that were shared really motivated many.

The infant was born in a premature manner, and his father had to give him a kangaroo care to preserve his life – a type of care given, to foster the revival and healing process of the child.

And there is this belief that this type of care also creates a deep connection between the parent (either mum or dad) and the baby. If it’s a man that is giving the care, the baby will be positioned on his chest as it is displayed in the picture above. If it’s a woman, the baby will be placed in the space between her breasts.

Fortunately, the baby survived the ordeal, and here are pictures to show what he has grown to become.

Thanksgiving is the most valuable sacrifice we can offer to God, even though those acknowledgement and gratitude might not cost us financial rewards.