The 31-year-old completes six heaps of washing a day and utilizes a nine-seater minibus to ship her family, who snooze triple cots.

Tess and her designer hubby Chris, 41, consider themselves a ‘rainbow family’ since every one of their kids, matured somewhere in the range of three and 14, are various tones.

Also, Tess even concedes she’s inquired as to whether they all have a similar father – while individuals frequently accept she guarantees benefits, which she doesn’t.

Tess and Chris had been content with five kids — Jacob, presently 14, Savannah, 12, Amiah, 11, Zion, nine, and Nevaeh, five.

However, while Chris was on the sitting tight rundown for a vasectomy, Tess fell pregnant again — with twin children Levi and Hezekiah, presently three.

The mum-of-seven says day by day life can be chaotic yet her mysteriousness to adapting to such countless children is being coordinated and divvying up the family tasks.

She goes through 19 hours daily pursuing round her gigantic clan – including getting past six heaps of washing each day and utilizing a nine-seater minibus to move her faction.

Also, in some cases she does this on only five hours’ rest an evening.

She says: “I always get asked how I cope, but I just do.

“I do the main housework, but the kids have chores to do every day. I feel it’s a valuable life lesson learning to do chores and it’s important they all chip in and help.

“I’d never put too much responsibility on them as they are children but it’s good for them to help out and have small responsibilities.

“The eldest two load the dishwasher, clean the kitchen and bathroom as well as the car. They earn pocket money by helping out around the house.