The youthful Nigerian woman who was truly attacked by her beau in a viral video has stood up with her side of the story.

In the viral video, the man can be seen slapping his better half for supposedly setting out to go behind his back with another man after he undermined her.

He was additionally heard revealing to her that he is a man and is in this way permitted to swindle. In the video, he was heard saying;

Are you mad? Am I not a boy? I no go cheat on you before?”

The young woman known as Anita has now stood up in a new video reported by accurate Gist news. As indicated by Anita, her present sweetheart called her to meet him at a lodging and she “innocently” followed him since she “trusted” him.

In any case, when she arrived, her beau and his companions defied her and began “attacking” her.

At that point her ex likewise appeared and began recording, at that point made her turn into a web sensation. She repeated that she had done nothing wrongly, and a survivor of a setup.