Mainstream thespian, Yul Edochie can’t help contradicting his dad, Pete Edochie on purchasing a vehicle as a wedding blessing in the name of his little girl’s better half rather than his little girl. Accurate Gist reports.

This is coming after his dad, Pete Edochie, in a video named ‘How to propose to your lover,’ believed that on the off chance that he purchases his little girl a vehicle, he should register the vehicle in the name of his son in-law, not for the name of his daughter.

He clarified that if a man registers a vehicle in name of his girl, it could separate the marriage with her better half sooner rather than later.

Notwithstanding, Yul Edochie couldn’t help opposing his dad’s analysis.

In his post on Instagram, Yul Edochie said that he would pay for a vehicle and register it in the name of his daughter.

The actor said that although in those days his father’s methodologies were unique. But as far as he is concerned, he will purchase the car for his daughter Danielle as a wedding blessing. He will offer it to her to register in whatever name she prefers.

In his words, “Of course Chief is entitled to his opinion. @peteedochie And back then their ways were different.

For me, if I buy a car for my daughter @danielleyuledochie as a wedding gift, I’ll give it to her to register in whatever name she likes. If she asks me to do the registration for her then I’ll register it in HER name.”