The Holy Communion is a Christian sacrament commemorating the Last Supper of Christ, with the physical forms of bread and usually wine which are believed by certain denominations to become Christ himself or to host his spiritual presence; at which according to doctrine, he gave them bread with the utterance, “This is my body,” and wine with the declaration, “This is my blood.”

Taking to Twitter, a popular social networking service that enables users to read short messages as well as post brief, frequent updates on one’s activities; A young man who lives in a country in West Africa by the name of @jones_ayuwo from Nigeria precisely shared pictures of what he got during a recent “Breaking of Bread” service in his local church.

Based on what he stated through his tweet, the local church took the religious service to another level, as they served a local leavened bread popularly known as ‘Agege bread’ as the Lord’s Supper. He wrote;

“Holy Communion hits different in village church”

Although some twitter followers pushed boundaries by dishing out derogatory remarks about the Holy Communion:

  • @TemiOladele – Man shall not live by bread alone but first give am bread
    @ayostickz – this one no be communion again, na last supper
    @Viktoh_TM – You wan finish Jesus blood and body?
    @MrTemu – This is no communion but a full course of meal
    @Bishop_Of_Peace – Where your church dey naa? Make we attend the next communion service for there.
    @_Enitan – Where the fried eggs? Is the bread not meant to be unleavened bread tho?
    @ceraeli – E go soon pass you by, dey there dey find unleavened
    @Stevethecop – Walahi na so them dey do for Benin. Dem go even share can malt and bread (laughs)

Still and all, I feel this is wrong because partaking in the Holy Communion is sacred and not to be brought on social media for laughs, likes and retweets. Also it doesn’t matter how big it may look or the improvisation of what was used as the communion, what matters is the faith behind it.