Italian Football Legend, Antonio Cassano Launches Verbal Attack on Cristiano Ronaldo

“Ronaldo is not even in the top 5 greatest players of all-time” – Italian football legend, Antonio Cassano

Italian football legend, Antonio Cassano has launched one more blistering attack on Cristiano Ronaldo by asserting that the Portuguese star isn’t even in the first five greatest players ever.

Ronaldo was marked the best player ever by his agent Jorge Mendes, after the 36-year-old was remembered for the 30-man shortlist for the Ballon d’Or prize, which the Portuguese legend has won multiple times previously.

Retired Italy star Cassano, who has been disparaging of Ronaldo previously, trusts Pele, Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi, Johan Cruyff and previous Brazil striker Ronaldo Nazario are altogether over the Manchester United star throughout the entire existence of football’s best.

‘Enough theatre (from Jorge Mendes),’ Cassano told Christian Vieri’s Twitch channel Bobo TV. ‘Is Cristiano Ronaldo the best in the history of football? He is not even in the top five.

‘Messi, Pele, Maradona, Cruyff and Ronaldo are on another level.’

Back in March, Cassano shot the Portuguese forward while he was playing for Juventus for being too narrow minded and not thinking often about his teammates.

‘Cristiano only thinks about his goals and records,’ Cassano said in March of this year. ‘He’s always been a bit selfish, he doesn’t give a damn about others scoring goals.

‘He does not live for the game – he lives for the goal and in this moment the situation is getting worse. I think Cristiano has done terribly over the last three years.’