Messi Names Six Clubs That Could Stand As Hindrances For PSG To Win Champions League

Messi names Six Clubs that can stop PSG from winning Champions League

Paris Saint-Germain forward, Lionel Messi, has named six clubs that can prevent his team from winning the UEFA Champions League this season.

As indicated by Messi, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Bayern Munich can keep PSG from winning the Champions League this season.

The  skipper is certain that Chelsea, Bayern, United, City, Inter, and Madrid are out in front of PSG due to their collective insight.

The 34-year-old, added that although PSG have incredible people, but they actually need to understand each other well to frame a formidable squad and win significant titles.

Messi told L’Equipe that It is everybody’s dream to win the Champions League. The club has been pursuing this mission for a couple of years and of late, it has been close.

He further stated that according to an individual perspective, it is something similar, he wouldn’t want anything more than to win the Champions League, as he always said when he was in Barcelona.

“It is everyone’s dream to win the Champions League here,” Messi told L’Equipe.

“The club has been working towards this goal for a few years and lately, it has been close.

“From a personal point of view, it is the same, I would love to win the Champions League, as I said when I was still in Barcelona.

“It is a very good, very difficult competition to win, but I think this group of players has the weapons to win this title.

“It is true that the center of attention is on PSG, but there are other very strong teams, such as Chelsea, the Manchester teams (United and City), Real Madrid, who always respond, Inter Milan, Bayern.

“They are all great teams. We have great individuals, but we still have to know each other well to form a team. To win important titles, you have to play as a team.

“That is what makes me say that we are still one step back compared to all these clubs, who have more collective experience than us.”