What Man Utd Stars Told Ed Woodward After Humiliating Liverpool Thrashing

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and leader vice chairman Ed Woodward (Pictures: Getty)

What Man Utd stars told Ed Woodward after embarrassing Liverpool defeat

Senior Manchester United players sent instant messages to Ed Woodward and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to take responsibility for the humiliating loss to Liverpool and ‘express their help’ for the enduring manager.

20-time English heroes United experienced one of their most exceedingly awful losses in living memory last end of the week, losing 5-0 at home to main opponents Liverpool.

Liverpool ruled the Red Devils and drove 4-0 at half-time, with large number of home fans leaving Old Trafford some time before the game was done.

Solskjaer’s work gave off an impression of being on the line following the dampening misfortune yet the Norwegian manager got messages of help from his team in the result of Liverpool’s decided triumph.

ESPN say numerous senior players are still completely behind Solskjaer and reached the chief – and Manchester United leader vice executive Ed Woodward – on Monday to communicate their help.

It is claimed that players let Woodward know that their own helpless structure had added to the squad’s battles, in a reasonable demonstration of help to Solskjaer, who supplanted Jose Mourinho as Red Devils manager in December 2018.

Solskjaer will be responsible for Manchester United’s Premier League conflict against Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday yet another loss could spell the end for the 48-year-old.

Mohamed Salah scored a full go-around as Liverpool whipped Man Utd at Old Trafford

Former England striker Alan Shearer has cautioned Solskjaer that his status as a Man Utd legend won’t keep him from being sacked in case the team’s helpless structure proceeds.

‘What you might get as a former player managing your club is an extra two or three games or a chance more than anyone else might do,’ Shearer told Que Golazo.

‘But other than that it’s simple, the rules don’t change for a former great of the club you’ve got to go out and get results and win trophies.

‘Once that doesn’t happens, you know as a player or a manager or both that you’re under pressure if it doesn’t work.

‘The rules of football are simple: win games, win trophies and you’ll stay in a job. If you don’t then you’ll be out of a job.

Manchester United fans have say Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s future

‘If you don’t like that then you shouldn’t go into football management, that’s the rules, it doesn’t change for anyone.’

Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney, in the interim, has pummeled the club’s players and says they are at fault for the Liverpool capitulation.

‘There are very educated people at the top of Manchester United,’ United and England record goalscorer Rooney said.

‘I’m sure they will be looking at everything to see how they move forward in the near future, whether that’s with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer or without.

Wayne Rooney has slammed Manchester United’s players

‘The players have to question themselves and look at themselves. It’s too easy for the manager to take all the stick when those players are being paid a lot of money to do the job and I don’t think they’re doing it well enough.

‘There is a big responsibility on those players. They are world-class players, international players and a club like Manchester United need more.

‘Those players need to feel hurt when they lose games. There are high demands at that club, high pressure, and I’m seeing too many players not willing to run back, not willing to defend, not willing to put everything on the line and that’s not acceptable.

‘Are you telling me that’s the manager’s fault or the players’ fault? I don’t know.’